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The Allegra Page

Yup. There you have it. My Person gifted me with the name Allegra, which means lively and joyful. If I'm to be perfectly honest, my full name is Allegra Persistence. My Person says the reasons for that are obvious. My Person still calls me Wildchild from time to time. Other nicks:  little girl, sweety, Ali, MissAli (my person claims she needs to stop calling me that one or I'm going to grow up thinking my name is Sally), and AliB (something to do with some chick named Ali McBeal).

And now for some more glamorous pix of wonderful me, sadly already nearly 2.5 months out of date. And I'll give you the usual spiel:  I'm a beautiful gal and I'm positive you're all gonna fawn over me just like I deserve.

Boy, I love those toys!
And you see that green pedestal type thing behind me?
It's currently in hiding in the spare bedroom.
My Person muttered something about it fearing for its life.
I don't know why. It was so much fun to climb up.

Hammock Time.

I'm not sure about these close-ups.
That big eye gets a little too close for comfort.

What the heck is that Darned Mouse doing in MY bed?

Don't even think about trying to crawl in this bed with me.
It's mine! All Mine!
Except for that Darned Mouse.

Maybe if I lay on that Darned Mouse it'll behave.

All tuckered out.

I'm busy Plotting.

I'm on Her bed.
Don't tell.

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