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The Kitty Page
I need a girl Kitty name. I'm strong-willed, affectionate and my Person likes to call me Wildchild but she says that just won't do for an official family name. Got any ideas? Let my Person know.

And now for some glamorous pics of me. If I do say so myself -- and I do -- I'm a beautiful gal and I'm positive you're all gonna fawn over me just like I deserve.



Just try and grab my belly and see what happens...

Got my eye on my prey, uh, Person

Someone's gotta keep my Person's shoes in line


Home Sweet Home
My Person says if I don't start using the litterbox more regular
I may be in the bathroom the rest of my life ...
do you suppose she's serious?

The Takeover Plan:
First the computer chair ...

And then the computer desk -- not to mention the TV remote!

Every single time I touch this beaded lamp my Person yells "NO!"
She's soooo encouraging

Hey you!
Yeah, you!
The one looking at me.
Aren't I just the most adorable gal you've ever seen?

I'm such a flirt

I'm growing! Like a weed, or so my Person claims. Wanna see? Take a look at the next page of my life to see pix of me ranging from 12 - 15 weeks of age. Gosh, can you believe in another week and a half I'll be a whopping six months old? My Person needs to take more pictures I think.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tell you I've had a name for some time now. If you check out the next page, you'll find out all the names my Person calls me. All complimentary, of course.

Page 2 of My Life

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