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Wanted to share a few views of my mother's house in Idaho down on the Salmon River. It's one of my favorite places to spend time and I spent a lot of time in this area when I was a child. We lived across the river from where my mom's house is until I was four years old. And my paternal grandparents had a place just a bit upriver from where my mom lives now, where I spent a lot of my childhood years. I have great memories of the place.

Landscaping on road side of my mother's house

View of aunt and uncle's home from my mother's deck

Covered part of deck--that's a nice big hot tub there at the bottom of the photo

Entrance hall


Grandfather's Clock

View across the river from the living room

Mom's computer--where I sit and talk to some of you when I'm down there visiting

View from the top of the loft stairs

Another view from top of loft stairs

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