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The Wedding Dress

This movie aired October 28, 2001, on CBS. The Wedding Dress stars an ensemble cast of actors -- Tyne Daly, Neal Patrick Harris, Margaret Colin, and Peter Wingfield, to name a few.

The Wedding Dress follows a wedding dress that moves through the lives of five different couples, transcending the barriers of race, class and age.

Margaret Colin is Madeline and Peter Wingfield is Steve. While Madeline's marriage is failing due to a husband with a wandering eye, she meets Steve, a widower, who is on a frantic search for his daughter's wedding dress.

Madeline and Steve seem to have much in common, such as both using their forearms for memo pads. Madeline, however, is leery of admitting to an attraction to Steve as the failure of her marriage is too fresh.

While Madeline and Steve fumble around trying not to be attracted to each other, the viewer is utterly charmed by them and watches as a charming courtship unveils.

Madeline and Steve's story is an endearing one, and both Margaret Colin and Peter Wingfield do well in these roles, not to mention having a lovely onscreen chemistry.

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